If you book a vacation package to an all-inclusive resort using a travel agency, ask to see if they will have transfer to and from the airport included. If airport transfer is included, you and other passengers from the same vacation provider will be picked up in a shared bus. These buses will load passengers at the airport and drop them off at various hotels and resorts along the way. Depending on where your resort is, some transfers can easily take longer than an hour if they have to drop off several passengers prior to your stop.

Direct/Private Airport Transfer

If you prefer to make fewer stops on the way to your hotel, or want to avoid sharing a ride altogether, consider booking a direct or private airport transfer.

Airport transfer companies typically send vans to pick up a small group of tourists. Direct transfers might make a stop or two before arriving at your hotel, whereas a private transfer will pick up ONLY your party, and drop you off DIRECTLY at your hotel without any unwanted stops in between.

For those who want to start their vacation as soon as possible, or want to avoid a slow and crowded bus after a long flight, I would recommend looking into booking an airport transfer.


Rates will vary based on distance and provider. Always book your transfers in advance to avoid complications or getting stuck.