If you’re looking for something fun to do near Cancun or in the Riviera Maya, chances are you’ve heard of Xplor. Xplor is the most popular adventure park near Cancun & Riviera Maya. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Xplor, what’s included, who it’s for, and how to save on Xplor tickets. I will also review the park using my personal experience from previous visits, and also give you some tips to help you make the most of your visit.

What is Xplor?

Xplor is an adventure park located in the Riviera Maya, just south of Playa Del Carmen. At Xplor you can go on zip-lines, drive around the jungle in all-terrain vehicles, and explore a series of underground cave rivers using rafts and by swimming.


Xplor vs. Xplor Fuego

Xplor is a daytime adventure park. Xplor Fuego is the exact same park as Xplor, but all the activities take place in the evening and night. You do all the same activities in Xplor Fuego, they’re just a little shorter and more condensed than the daytime Xplor. As a result, a visit to Xplor Fuego doesn’t last as long and tickets are slightly cheaper. I’ve been to both and I enjoyed them equally, so it really comes down to your preference and schedule. All the content written in this guide/review applies to both Xplor & Xplor Fuego. As we go along, I’ll note the few instances where there are differences between Xplor & Xplor Fuego.

Who is it good for?

Pretty much everyone! During my two visits, I saw people of all ages, including a lot of families with kids. Xplor is really cool because there’s something here for everyone. Just keep in mind that the minimum age to participate in the activities is 5.

How much are tickets?

An adult ticket to Xplor is about $110 (USD), and a child ticket is $55. For Xplor Fuego, it’s about $90 for adults and $45 for kids. Given the fun activities and the amazing food & drinks that are included in the price, I think both Xplor & Xplor Fuego are worth every penny. There are a couple of ways you can save on your tickets, so read on.

Save on Xplor Tickets

Both Xplor & Xplor Fuego have an early booking discount. If you buy your tickets at least 21 days before your visit, you save 15%. If you buy your tickets 7-20 days before your visit, you save 10%. Children aged 5-11 can save 50% off their tickets.

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Where to buy Xplor tickets

My recommendation is to buy your tickets online directly from the Xplor website. It’s the official site so it’s safe, and the prices are usually cheaper than what some local vendors will charge you at the hotel or tourist areas.

What's included?

There are 5 activities; zip lines, amphibious vehicles (ATVs), cave rafting, cave river swimming, and hammock splash. 

Aside from the main activities (which I’ll talk more about below), food is also included with your ticket! It’s a buffet with a large selection of food. The buffet has everything like Mexican food, barbecue, burgers & pasta. The food was surprisingly good for an amusement park. There’s no no alcohol in the park, but there’s unlimited free drinks. I recommend you try the Mexican hot chocolate, natural juices, or flavored water instead.

If you don’t want to read through this article, watch the video below from my first visit in 2017.  I also visited Xplor Fuego in 2018, you can watch that video here.

Zip Lines

There’s two circuits with 7 zip lines each. There are zip lines of different heights and speeds, allowing you take in the sights and soar through the jungle. The zip lines at Xplor are the best I’ve ever been on. The highest zip line is 49 yards (45m) high, and reaches a considerable speed, about 35km/h if I recall correctly! On some zip lines you can go with a partner if you want, and on some lines you get wet. One of the lines even has a water slide down! The zip lines are the main attraction for a lot of visitors to Xplor because it’s the best zip line destination in the all of Cancun & Riviera Maya.

Xplor Fuego: There’s one circuit which combines 7 zip lines in total. It’s still a mix of large, small, slow, and fast zip lines, so you’re not missing out on anything compared to daytime Xplor.

Amphibious Vehicles (ATVs)

These are John Deere all terrain vehicles (ATVs) with 4 seats. If there’s 2 of you, you will get your own vehicle, so you won’t be forced to share it with strangers. You get to drive around a dirt trail through the jungle, over standing water, and in dark caves. This and the zip lines were my favorite activities!

My advice is to go as quickly as you safely can. Not only is it more fun, but you also won’t get stuck going uphill. We got stuck behind a couple because they were going too slow and couldn’t make it up a hill. Give it full power when you’re going up a hill!

Xplor Fuego: Xplor has 2 separate ATV courses that you can go on, while Xplor Fuego only has one course that combines parts of the two courses. In Xplor Fuego it’s actually a pretty long course. It can take about 10-15 minutes to complete the full course depending on how fast you drive. It’s kind of creepy but cool to drive through the forest at night, they have lights and fire torches lighting the way.

Cave River Rafting

Underneath Xplor is a large network of underground caves and rivers. There are two ways to explore the cave rivers, and the rafts are one of them. In this activity, you sit on a raft, tie paddles to your hands, and paddle your way through the caves. They have single or two-person rafts. They also have two routes for you to choose- the long way or the short way. If you really want to explore the cave rivers, pick the long way, otherwise, the short way is nice enough for most people.

Tip: If you don’t know how to paddle a raft or steer, or maybe you’re a little out of shape, you may want to avoid this activity. In both of our previous trips, we got stuck behind people who didn’t know how to steer their raft, or they got tired and just gave up. Getting stuck behind them wasn’t fun for us, and it didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves very much either. If this applies to you, consider doing the short route, or do the cave river swimming activity instead.

Cave River Swimming

You’re back in the caves for this one, but a different part. This time you’re swimming at your own pace, exploring caves. Just like with the rafting, you get to see cool stalactites and stalagmites. And just like with the rafting, you can choose two routes, a long or short route. Whichever route you choose, they both lead to a really cool finale where you reach a 360 degree waterfall. This was my favourite part, being in the middle of the waterfall was really cool!

Tip: Don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim, you get life jackets and the water is shallow and calm. There will be lifeguards on duty.

Hammock Splash

This is a pretty short one. It’s basically a small hammock tied to a zip line. You sit on the hammock and zip back and forth over open water. There’s two lines which are pretty short, but still fun and worth doing.


Xplor hammock splash

Underground Expedition (NEW)

Launched in March 2020, the Underground Expedition is one of the new activities at Xplor and Xplor Fuego.

In this activity, you get to explore fresh water caves and hike across lush jungle landscapes. You’ll get to choose between two different paths, each offering a unique experience, and at the end, you will get to go on a thrilling water slide.

Toboganxote (COMING SOON)

Coming soon, the Toboganxote is a huge waterslide that features 4 different kinds of descent. 

You begin at 135 feet/41 meters on a raft and make your way down the sphere, half-wave, whirlpool, and tornado, before landing in a wave pool. The wave pool itself is another new attraction at Xplor, because you’ll be able to spend as much time there as you want.

Optional extras

Xplor tickets include all the activities I mentioned above, as well as a delicious buffet and unlimited (non-alcoholic) drinks. In addition to that, there are two optional add-ons.

Photo Package

There’s a photo package that you can purchase for US$58.99, which gives 2 people the ability to take photos. If you have a group of 3-10 people, the photo package is US$74.99. Either way, I think the photo package is worth it. There high quality cameras set up throughout the park, and photos they take are usually shots that you can’t take yourself with your own camera. And since you spend a good deal of time underground in dark areas, GoPros or phones can struggle in the low light, but the cameras take great photos. 

You can take unlimited high-quality photos, and they’re done in a really cool & modern way. There’s no additional equipment needed; there’s a chip in your helmet that gets activated and lets the cameras know it’s you. Then when you get to a camera, just wave your hand by the switch and pose. During activities, the cameras take your photo automatically. Then once you’re done, your photos will be available for you to download online. Just make sure you download your photos in shortly after your trip, because they expire about 2-3 weeks after your visit. I can’t remember the exact time, if you remember, please mention it in the comments.

I usually don’t bother with souvenir photos but we decided to get the photo package last minute, and I’m glad we did. The photos were really good quality (some of them are shown throughout this review). Taking the different the photos was actually a fun activity itself, and downloading the photos online is also convenient.



Transportation is another option that you can select. They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or resort. It’s really convenient for those staying in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum because it’s an easy way to get there and back. These really cool busses will come to pick up passengers from various hotels & resorts at set times. This is especially useful if you plan on going to Xplor Fuego, because you may have to wait a little longer for a taxi at night, so having the bus there to take you back to your hotel is really nice and convenient.


Tips for your visit

Xplor is really easy to navigate. Everything starts and ends at the center. Everything is clearly labelled and everything has been very well planned. Despite this, there are some things you should know in order to make the most of your trip.

You can do the activities in any order you like. Some people will say to do the zip lines first to avoid long lines, but I think the best strategy is to do whichever activity has the shortest line up first. They have electronic signs that show wait times for the different activities, so pick whichever has the shortest line up. When we went, we did everything but the zip lines before lunch. We did have a small line for the zip lines, but since we had just eaten, it gave us a chance to digest everything while we waited. Talk about efficiency.

You probably don’t need to bring sun block or bug spray. You’re going to be spending a lot of time underground or underneath trees, so there isn’t much direct sun exposure. If you really need to bring sun screen or bug spray though, they have to be bio-degradable so that they don’t damage the natural ecosystem. If you bring products that aren’t bio-degradable, you’ll need to drop them off at a desk, and can pick them up when you leave. 

What to pack

  • Bring a towel. You’ll get wet, and they don’t provide you with one.
  • Change of clothes. If you don’t want to be wet for the ride back to your hotel. 
  • Water shoes (AKA aqua shoes). You’ll be going back and forth between water and dry activities, so sandals or flip-flops can be difficult handle. I bought a cheap pair of aqua shoes from Wal-Mart for just $9. They also sell them at the park for about $20-30.
  • GoPro helmet mounts
    • If you plan to bring a GoPro, use a helmet mount. You’ll be wearing a helmet for all the activities, so you can easily attach your GoPro to it. Plus, sometimes they don’t allow unsecured items like selfie sticks on the zip lines. That should be the only mount you’ll need. When you’re getting your helmets, ask the staff if they already have a helmet with a GoPro mount. Sometimes they will already have one that you can use.
  •  Waterproof phone cases that hang form the neck
    • If you’re bringing your phone, get a waterproof case that hangs from your neck. That way your phone is secured to you, because at times you will need to use both hands to swim, paddle, drive, or hold the zip line.
  •  Bio-degradable sun block or bug spray if you really need it (you probably won’t).
  • Cash or credit card. In case you need to buy things like water shoes, bio-degradable sunscreen, or souvenirs.
Try to pack light. The lockers aren’t very big. Aside from what I mentioned above, you really shouldn’t need much else.

How to save on tickets

Buy your tickets online directly from the Xplor or Xplor Fuego website, and do it as early as you can. Both parks have an early booking discount. If you buy your tickets at least 21 days before your visit, you save 15%. If you buy your tickets 7-20 days before your visit, you save 10%. Children aged 5-11 can save 50% off their tickets.

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Buy Xplor tickets online

How to get to Xplor

Xplor & Xplor Fuego are located near Xcaret Park, so it’s about 10 minutes (3.7 miles) south of Playa Del Carmen, and about an hour (45 miles) south of Cancun.

You can take a taxi from your hotel to Xplor, or you can add the transportation option which will pick you up and drop you off directly at your hotel or resort. The transportation option is very easy and convenient.

Xplor is open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM and Xplor Fuego is open Monday to Saturday from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM.


By now, it should be easy to see why both Xplor & Xplor Fuego are the most popular adventure parks in Cancun & Riviera Maya. They’re REALLY fun and very good value for money. I’ve done several different excursions in Mexico and in various other countries in the Caribbean, and nothing comes close to the amazing experience we had at Xplor. 

I’m very lucky to have visited both Xplor and Xplor Fuego together with my wife. In both visits, we had an absolute blast, and we both agreed that Xplor was the highlight of our vacation. If you’re looking for some fun activities to do off the resort, I HIGHLY recommend Xplor or Xplor Fuego.

And like I said above, if you’re trying to decide between visiting Xplor during the day, or Xplor Fuego at night, you’re going to love both, so just pick whichever you think you will like more, or the one that works better with your schedule. Thank you for reading this far, if you have any questions about Xplor or Xplor Fuego, please leave a comment. I try to read and reply to every comment. 


Buy Xplor & Xplor Fuego tickets here:


If you’re planning to visit Xplor or Xplor Fuego, buy your tickets using the links I’ve posted in this review. They’re links to the official site so it’s secure, offers the lowest prices, and gives early booking discounts. Plus, if you found this article helpful, using my links helps support me and my site by allowing me to collect a small commission for referring you. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and I get a small reward which helps support the time and money required to create these guides and maintain this site. My wife and I truly loved our visits to both Xplor & Xplor Fuego, and we paid for all of our  expenses, so these are my honest opinions, unaffected by my partnership with Xplor & Grupo Xcaret.

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  1. Lean

    Do you have any recommendations for what kind of gopro attachment to bring for the helmets?


    1. Tulum to Cancun

      Hey, a helmet/head strap may fit around the helmet, but I just stuck a curved adhesive mount on the helmet and used that.

  2. Lean

    Thanks for the reply. Your info is very useful.
    I was wondering if I can ask a few more questions because I will be going soon.

    Instead of water shoes are waterproof sandals ok? Are they really strict?
    I already have a pair of Teva Hurricane Drift (https://amzn.to/3m7TEND) that has CROC like material.


    1. Tulum to Cancun

      They’re not strict with the water shoes, it’s just for your benefit. Waterproof sandals should be okay, just keep in mind that you’ll be in water at times, so make sure you can swim/kick with those sandals underwater. I saw some people with regular sandals, and they just took them off & strapped them to their life jackets before doing water activities.

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  4. Katie

    Hello! Thanks so much for this guide. A few follow up questions– For using the GoPro on your helmet, is using one of the sticky mounts secure enough on those fast ziplines? They don’t have any helmets with the GoPro mount built in? How much time would you say is needed for doing all the activities + lunch? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Tulum to Cancun

      I used the curved sticky mount on both of my visits and it worked just fine. I did notice a few people using the strap mount that wraps around the helmet, but if anything, I feel that’s less secure than the sticky mount. Just make sure it’s the curved sticky mount and give the helmet a quick wipe before sticking it on. Some helmets will have the sticky mount already on it, if you ask the people at the helmet counter, they’ll look for one but there’s no guarantee that they’ll have one so take your own.

      It takes the whole day to do the entire park. The bus dropped us off at Xplor around 9:30-10AM and picked us up at around 5. During that time we got to do every activity at least once, and did both zipline circuits. We also had a nice lunch at the buffet without having to rush.

  5. Gretchen

    Do you know if you have arranged for pick up and drop off… are you able to leave earlier during the day? Or do the buses only take you back after 5pm?

    1. Tulum to Cancun

      With the transportation package, the pick up and drop off times are pre-determined. If you want flexibility, I’d suggest taking a taxi there and back.

  6. Lauri

    Do you know when Toboganxote is going to open? Thanks

    1. Tulum to Cancun

      No, their website has been saying “coming soon” for over a year now, and no other site has info. I think it’s safe to assume it’s been delayed.

  7. Nobel

    Hi, this was really helpful. Can you let me know if I can finish all activities in xplor if I enter the park by noon?

    1. Sina

      You’d need the whole day if you want to do all the activities. If you start at noon, I think you could to the ATVs and zip lines once, and you might be able to do one or two of the cave activities by choosing the short route. It’s still possible to have a good time and enjoy your favorite activities, but trying to do everything might be difficult.

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